Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol

Birth: 7th February 1812
Death: 9th June 1870

Charles was the second child out of eight children. His father was a clerk in the Navy Pay Office and his mother was the inspiration for one of his son`s novels. In his early years he had to move a lot across the country. Already as a child Dickens was very interested in novels and read a lot of famous books, such as “Robinson Crusoe“, etc. When his father was held in prison for some years Charles had to work to support his family. Although he didn’t get the education like other children of his age he worked for a weekly journal and wrote 15 novels. His breakthrough was in 1836 when he published “The Pickwick Papers“. Over the years Dickens wrote more novels and he quickly attracted a lot of readers. He wrote classical books like “Oliver Twist“, “A tale of two cities“ and “A Christmas Carol“.

The Play on 26th Nov.:

In my opinion I think that “A Christmas Carol“ is a really great story by Charles Dickens and you could really see and feel the emotions which the actors tried to express. I can only recommend to see this play because you can’t really describe how incredibly well the play was performed. You have to see it with your own eyes. Although the actors were a mix of British and American actors you could understand everything and the actors really fit in their roles. The only problem I had with the play that it was a little too fast in the end.

(by Jenny Schweiger, 10aM)